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4 start-up companies solving the lack of money circulation problem in the black community

According to a report from Nielsen, “The Increasingly Affluent, Educated and Diverse,” explores the “untold story” of African-American consumers, particularly Black households earning $75,000 or more per year.  It is projected that by 2060, the Black population will increase from 45.7 million to 74.5 million, with 17.9 percent of the U.S. population. According to Nielsen, the “youthfulness and vitality” among Black consumers are being driven by a diverse influx of immigrants, who make up one in 11 African-Americans, or 8.7 percent.  Further, there has been substantial education growth among Blacks, with high school graduation rates exceeding 70 percent. Here are...

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Why Is There A Lack Of Diversity In Children's Products and How To Solve It

A photo posted by Kemet Kids - Toys Books Games (@kemetkids) on Oct 21, 2016 at 10:12am PDT At the root of that problem is that fact despite our collective buying power, little of our money stays in Black communities or is spent on Black-owned businesses. The NAACP reports: “Currently, a dollar circulates in Asian communities for a month, in Jewish communities approximately 20 days and white communities 17 days. As a result, our communities have a hard time thriving it's actually become systemic where even if you do want to buy black it's rare to find a black owned business. It seems every...

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3 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Can Pass "The Doll Test"

As a parent of a black or mix race child how do you end the black inferiority complex in kids and make sure your kid will pass the doll test? 1. Curate what your kid see in videos and books by saying no to TV shows and books that lack diverse characters and inclusive plots.  Like our awesome children's book Its a Hip Hop Hip Hop World 2. Balance the existing bias in kids products by purposely seeking out shows, toys, games and products that shows your kid's racial identity performing in a positive role, being the hero or looking cute. ...

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